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Come Unto Me (Digital Download)

by Patsy Cameneti.

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Jesus told us to come to Him but we know God is everywhere so we don’t need to go far to find him.

Where ever you are, God is! But still Jesus says come – Come boldly. You can come to church but never come to Him! It’s like if you talk to your child. They can be there, but they’re not there!


Coming to Jesus is a privilege but every believer has equal access to Him No one has priority.

Jesus says to come to Him and he will give you something that nothing else can give you. Rest that cannot be duplicated from any other place. Natural rest you have to unwind from the outside in. But the kind of rest Jesus gives you is from the inside out.


In this series, Patsy expands on what Jesus says about coming to Him and learning from Him. Find out how His person and way of doing things will give you the kind of rest you’ve been looking for all your life.

Come Unto Me (Digital Download)

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